Virtual Reality, Internet Radio, and Web Hosting Server

OpenSimulator, Shoutcast, and Web Server

Server Application Features:

  • Virtual Realality (Open Source Simulator "Planet 3L")
  • Internet radio, online live events, and DJ's
  • 24 hour Music Streaming using Shoutcast Server
  • Chat Rooms
  • Drag and Drop File Storage and Share
  • Web Hosting
  • Database Hosting

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Virtual Reality

OpenSimulator is an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server. My friends and I have created a virtual reality environment (or Planet) which can be accessed through a variety of clients (or "Viewers"), using multiple protocols. My Opemsim "Planet 3L" also supports the the ability for users to visit other OpemSimulator isntallations across the web. Users interact with each other in this simulated world using voice and text, two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphical models called avatars. Avatars are graphically rendered using computer graphics imaging (CGI), like Mesh or any other rendering technologies. Individuals control their avatars using input devices like the keyboard, mouse and other specially designed command and simulation gadgets. Planet 3L was built for entertainment, social, educational, training, and various other purposes, to share with my friends. Everything in the planet is made by someone in the planet or people from another opemsim worlds. Planet 3L is simular to Second Life, which is the biggest and longest running virtual world ever. The Virtual Worlds can take a some time to learn, but it's a lot of fun. If you can imagine it, you can do it there. Currently in Planet 3L, we have houses, parks, shopping (all free), vehicles, forests, beaches, entertainment venues, dancing, lakes and oceans, mountains, airport, theme park rides, camping, a farm, towns, horseback riding, and so much more.

Planet 3l Status:

"PLANET 3L" is currently accessable by referral AND permission only.
For enquiries, email us at

  Click here to see some [Planet 3L Pictures]

  Click here to: [Login to your existing 3L Planet Account]

Internet Radio

This server is running Shoutcast Server (sc_serv) and Shoutcast Transcoder (sc_trans). These two applications together, provide an internet radio broadcast station. The Transcoder processes a playlist of music that is sent to the server that runs contstantly, randomly playing songs that we have chosen. The transcoder also provides the ability the ability to accept music from a "DJ" or Performer, sending it to the Shoutcast server, for world wide internet broadcast.

There are also several other Shoutcast Servers hosted here, that are used for live performaces, DJ hosted music events, and many other things. Instead of using Trasncoder, these additional Shoutcast Servers are sent music from applications like WinAMP, or professional broadcast or mixing applications like SAM, or Mixxx, from anywhere in the world.

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Try this [Music Player] to listen now

I am a pianist that does live music performances. A reliable fast Shoutcast server allows me to reach audiances in places most people can't imagine. With my digital piano and Shoutcast, I am now able to perform Live in over the internet. My piano performances can be heard on the internet and in Virtual Worlds, reaching real people all over the planet. This has greatly strengthened my abilities as a pianist and performer. I also love to listen to the stations that are out there! Technology is great!
                                                                                                 "Margy Perth"

  Click Here for The [End of Time Radio] (
    Featuring Old Time Radio, every Tuesday at 9:00PM Mountain Time.
    Calm music the rest of the time.

  Click here to use the [Radio Finder] to search for other Shoutcast Servers to listen to.

    At any given time, there are as as many as 50,000 live, public and private internet radio stations online. You can listen to them in the Radio Finder.

Need a good player that works on almost anything?

VLC Media Player (Video Lan Client) is available for DOWNLOAD HERE. VLC player works on Windows, Windows 64bit, Windows Phone, macOS, Linux, Andoid, iOS, and Other Systems. it's FREE and Open Source that plays most multimedia files, as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and many streaming protocols. VLC is great for SHOUTCAST!

File Storage and Share

With the great ammount of electronic data in our world now, it's nice to be able to store an organize files where you can get to what you need from anywhere. It's also nice to be able to share. The File Share on this server is a PHP based, account locked, personal cloud space. The File Share is very easy to use. You can even drag and drop files to upload them. The File Share has the ability for you to share with other users, create URL's you can give to others, or QR Codes that can be scanned to access shared information. Your data is password protected on a server with better uptime, reduntant power, high speed connections, and that is monitored 24 hours a day.

  Click here to access the [File Storage and Share]

  See also: The [HTML Folder] for Quick Shares that we've posted

Chat Rooms

Planet 3L Web hosts Chat Rooms, powered by BlaB! AX. Plant 3L Chat uses AJAX and PHP. It's HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, supports all modern browsers, and even works with mobile browsers. There is also an Android app available at the Google Play store. After you download the app, open it and Scan the QR CODE below to connect to Planet 3L Chat. See the links below for ways to connect. This service is FREE. Chat with friends in rooms, one on one, or in a private messages.
Users in chat now:    

NOTICE: : We do not use 3rd-party cookies and we do not share any information about you with 3rd-parties. Our chat will set a cookie on your device when you login. Login cookies are deleted on logout.

Planet 3L Chat - Links:

  Enter the [Planet 3L Chat Rooms] with your browser

  Download "BlaB! Q" at [The Google Play Store]

After downoading the app, open it and Scan the QR Code to add Planet 3L Chat

Web Hosting

Planet 3L Web hosts many web pages, photo galleries, and other content for the maker of this server, family, friends, business associates, and others. In some cases, the content supliments other 3rd party web pages to supply graphics or easilty editable content. Some of the Web content is for Secondlife, Planet 3L, NWI GMRS Network, WQVJ601 GMRS Radio, Treefrog Tech Service, Brown Bear Calendar, Internet Radio Finder, Drag and Drop File Sharing, Personal Ancestoral File, Margy Perth, Web Games, and even some Greeting Cards. This webserver is Linux based and uses Apache, PHP, MariaDB, as well as other technologies and language support.

Below are a couple of the pages:

  Margy's Avatar Web Page [Margy Perth]

  OpenSimulator [Planet 3L]

  Technology Tech Support [Treefrog Tech Services]

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